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Kaydon er leverandør til PSSI Norge innen to av deres hovedgrupper.

  • Filter og filtersystemer
  • Gas seals (dry running and high pressure seals)

One of Kaydon's unique strengths is its breadth of manufacturing operations. Kaydon designs and manufactures virtually all of the filter elements and housings offered for sale, from 3,000 gpm skidded gasoline conditioning systems to 3 inch replacement filter elements for hydraulic systems. Manufacturing capabilities include metal stamping, rolling, lock forming, machining, welding, shot blasting, painting and coating, paper and synthetic material slitting, pleating and curing, and complete system mechanical and electrical assembly. Kaydon meets ASME Code Section VIII welding and fabrication specifications, NEMA 4 electrical control panel requirements and many military specifications including MIL-1-45208.

Welded pressure vessels involve visual, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle and/or boroscope inspection. Other vessel tests include hydrostatic to 450 p.s.i. and pneumatic testing. Kaydon is registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors and a holder of ASME "U" and "UM" Certificates of Authorization. A full scale filter system operational test bed allows analysis of typical field situations. Electrical diagnostic testing is also performed on systems incorporating programmable controllers or status control panels.

Kaydon exacts control over quality by vertical integration of manufacturing capabilities and implementation of continuous improvement using statistical quality and process control. Kaydon has received Vendor Certification from Caterpillar Corporation, Quality Vendor status from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Preferred Supplier status at Tennessee Valley Authority and is registered to ISO 9001, the highest level within the ISO 9000 series of quality standards.

A complete test and development laboratory combines capabilities in the physical testing of media with flat sheet and full scale multipass liquid filter element performance testing. These tests are conducted with a variety of fluids including fuels, hydraulic oils, and lubrication oils. Experienced Kaydon engineers, working with customers and material suppliers, have developed proprietary filter media, element construction and housings which optimize filter performance for specific applications.

Substantial engineering design and development capabilities are available for industrial liquid filtration applications. All design and manufacturing drawings are performed on an AutoCad system.

Homepage: www.kaydonfiltration.com

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