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N-3002 Drammen

Phone : +47 40004325
Fax : +47 32 89 90 91

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ThistleBond is one of the worlds leading suppliers of innovative products synonomous with high performance. These designed systems offer solutions for repair and maintainance specifically within the Maritime, Offshore oil and Gas, and Engineering Industries.

ThistleBond has been supplying shipping worldwide for over 50 yrs and has gained an enviable track record together with a Worldwide reputation for Excellence through ongoing research,Development and Cutomer care,this has been achieved by a distribution network operating within all the major areas of maritime activity.

Homepage: thistlebond.com

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Ceramic coating

Abrasion Resistand Ceramic Carbide Fluid TR 205
Ceramic Carbide 88 TR 225
Ceramic Carbide Wearing Compound TR 200
Heavy Duty Ceramic Carbide TR 240
Super Low Friction Efficiency Coating TR 210

Elastomeric repair system

`60`Durometer Fluid Elastomer TR 300
`60`Durometer Paste Elastomer TR 305
`60`Durometer Rapid Paste Elastomer TR 310

Marine & Chemical Protection

152 SFE AS TL 503
152 SFE TL 501
Anti- Corrosion Aluminium TL 515
Glass Tape TRK 19007 / 19009
Hycote 175 TPC 675
Lifeboat Repair Kit TRK 17000
Lifeboat Resin TRK 19001
MA9 Tie Coat TL 530
Standard Resin TRK 19000
The Collision Kit TRK 785
Therma-Tech LG TPC 620

Metal repair system

Plasteel Twist Stick TRK 19060
Plastic Steel TRK 19063
Rapid Setting Super Metal Repair Paste TRK 19065
Super Metal Rebuilding System TR 105
Thistle Wrap Pipe Repair Tape TRK 19601


Engineering Repair Kits
Lifeboat Repair Kit
ThistleWrap Pipe Repair Kit