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 Ballast Safe’s vision is to be the global leader in the supply of Automatic filtration systems for the specific application of Ballast Water Treatment (BWT).
Our goal is to produce and supply our customers the most advanced technologies available to date for BWT with filtration systems which are demanded by our customers.
The company will achieve this goal by:
  • Extensive R&D program designed to meet the stringent IMO D-2 standard.
  • Manufacturing custom built filters for the specific application of BWT.
  • Facilitating production systems capable of meeting the market requirements.
  • Ensuring “Value for money” for our customers.

    Ballast safe is dedicated to task of supplying state of the art Automatic filtration systems for marine & sea water applications and in particular for ballast water treatment.
The company prides itself of being an innovative company rather then a “me too”. BSFc is the only filtration company to develop automatic filters specifically designed for the new and challenging application of BWT.

    BSFc is poised to become a market leader in the forecast $260-400 million annual market for self-cleaning automatic filters sold to the maritime industry for ballast water treatment. Automatic filters comprise the initial stage of most proposed ballast water treatment systems. BWT Systems will be mandated by regulatory fiat. The International Maritime Organization (IMO), the UN arm governing international shipping, is mandating the phase-in of ballast water treatment systems on new-build and retrofitted vessels.

BSFc Advantages:

  • High screening efficiency.
  • Fully automatic self-cleaning system efficiently handles heavy dirt load in raw water.
  • Low operating pressures meet parameters of existing ballast water pumps.
  • Uninterrupted filtered water supply during
  • Long service life due to anti-corrosion protection coating and stainless steel screen.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Low cost per cubic meter of filtered water.
  • Small “footprint”.

Homepage: http://www.ballastsafe.com/

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Automatiske filter/strainere

1.0 - BSFc selfcleaning filter horisontal
1.1 - BSFc selvrensendefilter i vertikal utførelse
2.0 - FS 851 hydraulic filter
2.1 - FS 850 hydraulic filter
2.2 - FS 852 hydraulic automatic filter.
3.0 - FS 860 electrical automatic filter
3.1 - FS 862 Electrical automatic filter
3.2 - FS 863 electrical automatic screen filter.
3.3 - FS 841 automatic brush filter
3.4 - FS 181 self cleaning suction strainer
4.0 - Disc filters

Automatiske og manuelle brush filter

2.0 - FS-840 Manuelt brush filter

Sandfilter og hydrosykloner

FS 4000 Sandfilter
FS 5000 hydrosykloner