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1.0 - K-DGS dry running gas seal





      Dry running gas seals
      Dry running lift off gas seals


K-DGS gass tetninger for sentrifugal gass kompressorer. Patentert (tapered lift ramp geometry


K-DGS gass tetninger for sentrifugal kompressorer.

K-DGS gass tetninger er installert i mange krevende og kritistiske applikasjoner for sentrifugalkompressorer hvor kravene til MTBF (mean time between failure) bare blir strengere og forventningene til levetid blir høyere.

Why specify Kaydon dry gas seals?

Dependable performance. K-DGS seals are installed in the most demanding and critical applications where the goals for time between overhauls is moving towards decades, not years. K-DGS seals deliver with unique design features and application know-how that bring that goal within your reach.

Patented Tapered Lift Ramp Geometry. 

At the heart of every dry gas seal is the lift ramp geometry to maintain the lifting force and separation between the rotating and stationary seal faces. Kaydon's patented Tapered Lift Ramp geometry causes an increased velocity of the purge gas as it moves through the ramp, sweeping any contamination away from the sealing faces. Other seal designs with constant depth grooves permit contamination to collect and reduce the lifting force between the sealing faces, leading to eventual face contact.

Unidirectional and Bi-directional designs. 

(Fig. 1a & 1b) Both designs are equally reliable, but we find that most customers already have a preference for one or the other. Kaydon's ramp geometry is well suited to provide bi-directional designs for greater interchangeability of spares (and reduced spares inventory). Bi-directional seals also provide for protection of the seal during unexpected periods of reverse rotation, such as when the discharge check valve hangs open at shut down. 

Seal faces

Silicon Carbide rotating seal face. While more expensive than materials used by others, silicon carbide will not shatter due to rubs that may occur during surge or upset conditions that can occur. Silicon Carbide is used as a standard by Kaydon for all low and medium pressure (2000 psi and below) seal designs.

K-DGS DRYPLEX seal arrangement. 

The most common source of dry gas seal contamination is bearing oil. Replace the labyrinth that many compressor OEM's will provide with a K-CBS Barrier seal to prevent bearing oil contamination. (See K-CBS section for additional details.) Specify the Kaydon K-DGS DRYPLEX seal package to combine the dry gas seal and barrier seal in a single, easy to install, cartridge assembly.

K-DGS DRYPLEX PLUS seal arrangement. The second most common source of dry gas seal contamination is from the process gas. Entrained liquids or particles in the process gas will cross the OEM supplied labyrinth and foul the dry gas seal. Eliminate process contamination with the K-PCS process circumferential seal. (See K-PCS description for further details.)

Seal arrangements to fit the application. Kaydon offers many dry gas seal configurations beyond the standard tandem seal to fit the needs of the application. Whether axial length is limited due to rotor dynamic considerations or by the available space in a retrofit, Kaydon has the solution.

Seal support systems

Seal support systems engineered for the application. Don't limit the success of your dry gas seal installation with an improperly designed support system. Allow Kaydon to supply a custom engineered buffer gas supply panel that will also monitor the health and performance of the dry gas seal.

Application experience.
With proven experience in demanding applications including natural gas transmission, natural gas re-injection, propane refrigeration, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and refinery wet gas, Kaydon seals have demonstrated the performance reliability you require for your next installation.

Unparalleled service and support. 

Kaydon understands the necessity for quick response, without cutting corners. Kaydon does not subscribe to the "black box" approach to seal repair. Interested in what was wrong with your seal or what caused a particular problem? Let Kaydon schedule a live video conference to show you the internals of your seal, what was wrong and discuss what the solution will be. If you don't have video conferencing facilities available, we will e-mail photographs within 48 hours of our receipt of the seal. Kaydon provides this service for all of your dry gas seals, not just the ones we manufactured.

Turnkey seal installation and repair services. Need help pulling your seals for inspection or installing your new seals in the compressor? Kaydon's turnkey field services will provide the on-site personnel to do the complete job.

Specify Kaydon K-DGS dry gas seals for your compressor application for the following features:

  • Tapered Lift Ramp Geometry
  • Unidirectional or Bi-directional Seals
  • Silicon Carbide rotating seal face
  • Keep the dry seal dry with DRYPLEX options, K-CBS and K-PCS add ons.
  • Seal support systems to regulate buffer supply, monitor seal health and performance
  • Experience. 50+ years of dry gas seal history in compressor applications.



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