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2.0 - K-MRC multiring - lower sealing pressure





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K-MRC - Kaydon Multi Ring Circumferential Kompressor tetning For applikasjoner med lavere trykk og høyere grad av forurensing i mediet. Skruekompressorer uten oljesmøring


Kaydon Multi Ring Circumferential Compressor Seals

Type: K-MRC

For lower sealing pressure applications, dirty gas applications, retrofits for eductor labyrinth seals that are not meeting EPA VOC emission standards, oil free screw compressors with limited radial space, centrifugal compressors, Kaydon's economical K-MRC seal has become the seal of choice.

Why specify Kaydon K-MRC dry gas seals?

Dependable performance. 

K-MRC seals can handle dirt and liquid contamination without catastrophic failure of the seal. No large rotating masses to create rotor dynamic issues.


Lower initial cost than dry gas face seals but with buffer gas consumption rates comparable to face seals. Can't justify a dry gas seal conversion with your budget limitations? Consider the K-MRC with economical Kaydon support panels. Enjoy significant HP savings compared to an oil seal and the elimination of oil management issues. Running with carbon bushing rings now? Pay for the K-MRC seals with reduced buffer gas usage. When it does come time to rebuild the seal, seal repair kits make the job quick and economical. Bi-directional designs provide further savings in your spares investment.

Space Saving.

Small radial profiles will allow the K-MRC to retrofit an existing eductor labyrinth shaft seal eliminating emissions, in most cases without machining of the compressor casing or seal housing. Also ideal for oil free screw compressor seal housings where the radial space is limited.


Seal arrangements can accommodate the use of filtered process gas or any other clean gas source as the purge gas. Standard arrangements include seal redundancy and barrier seal features. Available design options allow sealing pressures up to 350 psi. Seal arrangements are customized to your compressor, process requirements and purge arrangements.

Ease of installation. The seal is installed in a single cartridge, pre-tested at your application's design speed and differential pressure.


No other manufacturer can match Kaydon's 20+ years experience supplying circumferential sealing technology for compressor applications in services including refinery wet gas and cokers, propane refrigeration, styrene off gas, hydrogen, natural gas, carbon dioxide and iso-butane to name a few.

Unparalleled service and support.

Kaydon understands the necessity for quick response, without cutting corners. Kaydon does not subscribe to the "black box" approach to seal repair. Interested in what was wrong with your seal or what caused a particular problem? Let Kaydon schedule a live video conference to show you the internals of your seal, what was wrong and discuss what the solution will be. If you don't have video conferencing facilities available, we will e-mail photographs within 48 hours of our receipt of the seal.

Turn-key seal installation and repair services.

Need help pulling your seals for inspection or installing your new seals in the compressor? Kaydon's turnkey field services will provide the on-site personnel to do the complete job.


Circumferential seals consist of segmented carbon rings that run in contact with a rotating shaft sleeve. The light contact loading allows minimal seal gas flow during the initial years of installation. As wear does occur, eventually the segments will become archbound and the seal continues to operate as a clearance seal with minimal seal gas flow rates. When you want to restore the seal like new, carbon kits are available to rebuild the seal. The only rotating component of the seal is a shaft sleeve with a hard coating that the carbon segments run against.

  • Specify Kaydon K-MRC dry gas seals for your compressor application for the following features:
  • Tolerant to dirt and liquid contamination
  • Economical, yet dependable
  • Space Saving - will fit where other seals designs will not
  • Cartridge design for ease of installation
  • Rig tested at speed and pressure, prior to installation in your compressor
  • Seal support systems to regulate buffer supply, monitor seal health and performance
  • Service and support during the life of the seal installation. Seal kits available to rebuild seal on site.
  • Experience - 20+ years in applying circumferential seal technology in compressor applications



K-MRC multiring - lower sealing pressure