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51 SERIES Single Stack Filter Housings





      Filter og Filtersystem
      3.0 Process Filtration


The 51 SERIES single cartridge housing is renowned for its high quality design and manufacture.


Product Features:

• Quick release Vee Clamp Closure for easy opening

• Lightweight, high specification investment cast head

• Easy to use tie rod assembly design ensures cartridge centralisation (for a reliable knife edge seal) that enables the use of either 9.75" or 10" cartridge length configurations (or multiples) in the same housing.

• Dual purpose head accepts SOE code 3 and DOE cartridges

• SOE code 7 and code B adaptors available.

• Available in 316L stainless steel or Hastelloy C22 for maximum compatibility

• Wide range of connection size and types, cartridge lengths and materials of construction.

• PED Compliant to Sound Engineering Practice

• Full traceability on all parts, material certification packs available

• Rated at 10 bar liquid, 6 bar Gas

Maximum Operating Conditions

• Maximum Pressure: Liquid: 10 Bar g

Gas: 6 Bar g

• Maximum Temperature: 110ºC

51 Series features and benefits

• Investment Cast head (avoids the porosity & inclusion problems associated with lower quality sand castings).

Integral vent and drain sockets to aid efficient filter changeout complete with PFTE washer.

• Unique interchangeable configuration enables choice of SOE or DOE cartridge styles in the same housing.

• Every housing is etched with a batch number for full traceability

• Full housing customisation service available

• Available in both 316L Stainless Steel and C22 Hastelloy