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Grease lubrication


We all know that a drop of oil or a little dab of grease can make wonders when things jam, run booly or squeak. Suddenly things run smoothly again and the noise stops. If we have chosen the correct lubricant and continue to supply it in a suitable way and at the right time, we will not have any problems with jams or noises in the future.

Lubricants, primarily, reduce the friction between the machine elements which move relative to each other and therefore decrease the wear. They are thus a basis for the functioning of our society with all its different types of machines.

Tribology is the name of the science concerning friction, lubrication and wear. Below we will give a short description of the two most common lubricants for industrial use, vehicles and mobile machines: oils and greases.


Dual-Line Systems
Assalub dobbeltvirkende sentralsmøresystem konstruert for tøffe/harde forhold og kan bestå av over 1000 smørepunkter.
Multi-Line Systems
Assalub Lettere sentrasmøring til lett eller mellomtung industri med begrenset antall smørepunkter som f.eks presser - separatorer - gir - skruetransportører etc.
Singel-Line Systems
Assalub - Enkeltvirkende (enleder) system for lettere applikasjoner.