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Premier pumps

Mission Statement

Premier develop continuing partnership with our customers and help them achieve their specific business requirements by providing quality pumps and world-class service.

It is the objective of PREMIER PUMPS to provide to its customers a superior product at a competitive and cost effective basis. We are also committed to meet or exceed the highest of quality levels on a timely and conscientious level. To achieve these goals, PREMIER PUMPS will continue to improve employee training and awareness and continue to improve procedures, equipment and the physical plant. We must all recognize our responsibilities and be committed to product and personal excellence.


During the year 1989, Mr. T. Mohan Reddy, with more than 25 years of experience at his back , along with others established a Partnership firm M/s Nagarjuna Industries for the manufacture of centrifugal pumps mainly to cater to the needs of Chemical and Drug units in and around Hyderbad.

To serve the customers better and to have corporate image the partnership firm was converted into a Private Limited Comapny, M/s Naga Pumps Private Limited during the year 1992. We are the only manufacturer for this item in our State and had earned good name as Quality conscious manufacturers.

M/s Premier Pumps Private Limited has been established during the year 1994 for the manufacture of Water Ring Vacuum Pumps and Stock Pumps.

During the short span of time Premier earned good name for its quality product and made its presence felt in the industry. Having successfully established ourselves in the manufacture of Vacuum Pumps the company launched Tri-Disc Refiners for the Paper Industry during the year 1999. This year 2005 by summer Premier will introduce P-501 series equivalent to Nash 904 series.

Premier Pumps have fully equipped machine shop with all testing equipments, manned by professional engineers and highly skilled workforce. The company have its branch offices in New York, USA, and Delhi and are in the process of appointing agents in different parts of the globe.

Premier Pumps takes enormous pride in the quality of the products they offer. Indeed, quality is the first part of the Premier Pumps creed "Quality, Service, and Integrity." In order to produce high-quality products, Premier Pumps starts with the finest castings available.

Premier Pumps subject each incoming shipment of raw materials to a battery of tests to establish the quality of the material before it is used for machining and assembling. Because quality is so important, Premier Pumps continuously test and re-test all castings and products throughout the entire production process.They employ quality control experts who conduct different testing procedures. Premier Pumps is committed to leading the industry in product testing and overall product quality.

"Every test we conduct leads to better product quality and excellence."

Homepage: www.premierpumps.net

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