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P.O.Box 418
N-3002 Drammen

Phone : +47 40004325
Fax : +47 32 89 90 91

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928 273 41

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About Amiad
Founded in 1962, Amiad is a leading provider of optimal filtration systems for all filtration requirements. Amiad serves the industrial, irrigation, and municipal sectors worldwide and provides solutions to more than 66 countries, with seven subsidiaries and sales offices.

Now in its fifth decade of successful designing, manufacturing, and marketing, Amiad Filtration Systems has established a worldwide reputation. The company is known for its high-quality standards, prompt delivery, and constant availability of parts -- and for unprecedented expertise in its chosen areas of endeavor: sophisticated water filtering equipment and high-efficiency systems for industrial, irrigation, and municipal purposes.

Homepage: www.amiad.com

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