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Type 50 & 60 house - process filter





      Filter og Filtersystem
      3.0 Process Filtration



Cartridge filter house type 50 and 60.

General information...

Often overlooked in system design, the filter housing itself can play a very important part in the overall efficiency of many processes, which is why Filtertechnik offer such a large choice of design styles, materials and connection types - to make sure we have the right choice available for you and not a compromise.

Operating under a fully accredited ISO9001 quality system your company can rely on Filtertechniks proven and documented system to support your organisation in these safety and performance critical areas.

Standard Designs
Industrial cartridge filters used in the chemical, water treatment and other non sanitary applications are housed in the 50 and 60 Series - a lightweight range of cartridge filter housings using stainless steel as the standard material of construction.

The 50 Series is a versatile range of top quality single cartridge housings to suit liquids and gases with various pressure ratings, available with Vee clamp or screwed closures.

The 60 Series are our range of multiple cartridge housings in an array of design styles suitable for the most basic water filtration right up to the more demanding filtration requirements associated with pharmaceutical, beverage and coating applications.

Standard designs offer up to 24 x 40" stacks and flow capacities in excess of 150m∏/Hr (much larger housings are available in our special range).