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The new GTO High Pressure Single Stage Centrifugal Pump up to 200 bar

The high pressure pump industry is competitive and customers must choose wisely when deciding on the right provider for pumps, maintenance and complete systems.

The GTO RHINO® (API 610 design) and GTO GATOR® pitot tube pumps are built for complete reliability to meet the expected demands of high pressure applications.

These hydraulically stable pitot tube pumps are low flow and in constant demand within many businesses and industries expecting performance.

The adjustable capacity in a GTO high pressure pump is specifically designed for high demanding workloads. These pitot pumps can handle 120m3/h capacity range and create pressures up to 200 bar in one stage.

The pulsation that is present in competing pumps is eliminated with GTO pitot tube technology.


This reduces the need for constant maintenance and service appointments due to vibration damage and system problems. 

The simplicity of this true single-stage pump design practically eliminates maintenance. There are no packing glands, wear rings, throat or throttle bushings as in conventional centrifugal pumps.

No complex pistons, rods, valves, springs, or sophisticated system controls of reciprocating pumps.

Drive shaft bearings are isolated from liquid flow, protecting from wash-out and possible pump damage.

Thousands of on-line applications throughout the world have proven the durability and efficiency of this design.

A Roodhart GTR Pump offers distinct benefits in comparison with multi-stage and high speed centrifugals as well as positive displacement pumps which have been formerly used to develop pressures up to 200 bar, 6.000 rpm.

More information and presentation and a video showing how this Unique pump works (here)

Centrifugal pump for pulp & paper and chemical industry

Pumps and spare parts total  interchangeable with the

Sulzer/Ahlstrom series (A, N, W, E).

Pumps according to standarde: ISO 2858 (DIN 24256)



Pumps and spare parts interchangeable with Sulzer/Ahlstrom series  (A, N, W and E)

  • Gland packing, Single or Double mechanical seal.
  • Dynamic seal
  • Expeller (vacuum unit) for gas removal and self priming.
  • Available materials: Duplex CD4MCU - Hastelloy C - Stainless steel SS-316 and GG25
  • According to standard ISO 2858 (DIN 24256)
  • Capasity up to (Q) 2800 m3/h
  • Total head: 150 m (16 bar)

Ballast Water Treatment Filtersystem

Ballast Treatment: maintaining the oceans ecosystem.

Specialising in the evolution of intelligent mechanical filtration systems for industry, Filtersafe® now offers over 10 years’ experience specifically in ballast water treatment, bringing an unrivalled economy, value and environmental responsibility to seawater filtration. 

From improving component technology through to the provision of dedicated pre- and after-sales service, Filtersafe® provides a viable, functionally superior and low-cost alternative to many conventional filtration methods.

At the heart of each ballast water treatment system, lies the market-leading
BSF-Series Automatic Electric Filter.

More information regarding our self cleaning filters you will find (here).

Heavy duty slurry seal Model FHDS.

FHDS requires a mechanical seal adapter to replace the stuffing box. Rework the existing stuffing box by removing the throat. It may also require machining the shaft sleeve down or removing it to provide enough clearance for the rotating portion of the seal.

Typical applications
  • Slurry and mining (copper, nickel, phosphate etc)
  • Mud and sand applications
  • Flue gas deshulpurization
  • Aluminium bauxite
Typical pump manufactures
  • Metso
  • Weir Minerals - Warman
  • KSB - GIW
  • ITT - Goulds 
  • Flowserve Wortington
  • Toyo
More information regarding slurry - reactor - heavy duty seals (here)